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   Authoriced Counselor

  Juhani Seppälä




Karmel Rehab Center offers... 

Therapy for drug addicts 

Marriage Counseling and therapy

Family counseling and support 


Based on Christian foundation


Human been, a God's creation, designed to live blessed and overhelming lives.

Does he then not have enough value, so that he should be offered help, when the path of life had been to rough and cost damages to the person.


So to speak, one way or another lost the common

so called normal pattern of life.



Karmel Rehab Center

Aim to provide help for people who are experiencing difficult moments of life. No matter the causes to this.

We work for empowering individuals and or couples/families, so they can see and face the possibility, to work for a positive change in their life situation. Regardless of how the actual status looks like.



Areas where we operate:


Matrimonial Advice.

Family support: The question may be, families. Parents, couples or lonely.

Drug-/ alcohol addicted persons: who are tired of living in drugs and it's consequences.


Means that they really want to change their lives.



Karmel Rehab Center

offers individual therapy, help to cope with life's disorders, in which the reasons may vary


Our base for the work is the fundamental word of God, the eternal, and unchanging.

From that we go further on.

We see the human been as a trinity:

Spirit, soul and body. 

We try to meat and treat the whole person, as good as possible, in all areas of life, including all aspects of the person.

We use a topical therapy, with existenciell base, including the cognitive and psycho dynamic areas.










Bachelor in Social Work Counselor                   



Soul counselor





     Juhani Seppälä



With several years  experience of the areas in social work as: 

Children and Families.

Children and youths.

Drug-and alcohol-addictid


During the last four years  active as a counselor

at a treatment home for

addicted persons.

Problem areas such a alcohol,drugs and psychical problem diagnosis. 


Pastoral education through

LOU University

Soul counselor education through Ellel Ministries